Our retail stores offer a limited variety of our complete Bon menu (listed here) every day!

Why?  Every Bon is fresh, handcrafted in small batches and we regularly sell out! Our chocolatiers are often at the whim of seasonal changes, chocolate temper, our farmers, and delivery of product from around the city, country and the world!                



The Bon Bon Bon Collection 

#1 The Hot Mess 

Available at the Hamtramck store only. Molten chocolate inside of a hard, chocolate shell. Some call it a folk remedy, others, "bliss".

#2 High Tea

Earl grey tea dark chocolate ganache, hemp seed nougatine, smoked sugar, cornflower petals

#3 Hazel-What?

Milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja

#4 Gin & Juice 

Black currant pate du fruit sanded in sugar with juniper essence 

#5 Fresh Raspberry

Raspberry confiture, dark chocolate ganache, dried raspberry

#6 Creme Brulee

Vanilla bean custard ganache, brûlée sugar 

#7 Coconut

Lightly toasted, just like us

#8 Cocoa-Cacao

For the chocolate purist. Cocoa fruit syrup, candied cocoa nibs, dark chocolate ganache 

#9 Cherry Lux

Luxardo candied Michigan cherries, dark chocolate ganache

#10 Butter Cookie 

Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery shortbread cookies, milk chocolate, sea salt 

#11 Bumpy

Chocolate cake cream, buttercream frosting

#12 Goat Honey

Honey caramel, goat cheese ganache, oregano, and red pepper flakes

#13 Boston Cooler

Vernor's candied ginger cream in milk chocolate 

#14 Black Truffle 

Black boar truffle ganache, dark chocolate shell

#15 Better Butter Crunch

Detroit's favorite potato chips, milk chocolate, sea salt

#16 Bacon & Eggs

Italian meringue, custard ganache, shaved coppa 

#17 Killer Cereal

White chocolate and fruity pebbles

#19 Mac n Cheese 

French macaron, mascarpone ganache 

#20 Malt Caramel

Barley malt milk chocolate caramel, malted milk

#21 Orange Americano

Cocchi Americano orange marmalade, dark chocolate ganache 

#22 Margarita

Blue agave caramel, glacée lime, salted rim

#23 Matcha Crunch

Matcha green tea, rice croquant

#24 Strawberry & Balsamic

Balsamic reduction, strawberry jam, dark chocolate olive oil ganache

#25 Mustachio

Moscato wine caramel, pistachio gianduja

#26 Nonpariels

A classic! Dark chocolate and candied sugar beads

#27 Nougat

French style with pistachio and almond

#28 Blank & Brie

Brie cream and a seasonal fruit confiture of our choice!

#29 The Rationale

Maple almond-oat butter, chia seeds

#30 Paczki

Fried dough ganache, polish confiture, paczki sliver, donut sugar

#31 PB & Jam

Honey roasted peanut butter, Beau Bien jam 

#32 Mexican Hot Chocolate 

Arbol chile & cinnamon spiced dark chocolate ganache, smoked paprika

#33 Hot Mama

Mango confiture, cayenne dark chocolate ganache, dried mango, and sparkling hemp seeds 

#34 S'mores

Buttered graham, milk chocolate ganache, brûlée marshmallow

#35 Swimming Turtle 

Toasted pecan and sea salt in a pool of caramel

#36 Cafe Con Cherry (Inspired by the only pop culture reference Alex understands: Twin Peaks) 

Black coffee ganache, cherry pie creme, candied cherries, and pie crust crumbles

#37 Sticky Bun

Cinnamon donut ganache, caramel, toasted pecans, mascarpone drizzle

#39 Tiramisu

Rum-soaked lady fingers, espresso dark chocolate ganache, mascarpone ganache

#40 Arabic Coffee 

Great Lakes Coffee espresso ganache, cardamom royal icing, coffee bean

#41 Whisky Lullabye

Whisky caramel, chamomile dark chocolate ganache, candied chamomile

#42 Blueberry Pancakes 

Blueberry-maple jam, pastry ganache, dried blueberry, mascarpone drizzle

#43 Dark "Up"

Dark chocolate ganache

#44 Milk "Up" 

Milk chocolate ganache

#45 White "Up" 

White chocolate ganache 

#46 Olive Oil & Salt

Olive oil caramel, sea salt, rosemary, black pepper

#47 Birthday Cake

Birthday cake ganache, buttercream frosting, sprinkles

#48 Coco-Nut-Curry

Curry toasted coconut ganache, honey roasted peanut butter, and toasted coconut

#49 Coffee & Donuts

We once had three Hamtramck cops in for these! Donut ganache, espresso dark chocolate ganache, donut slice, sprinkles

#50 Johnny Cashew

Toasted cashew butter, white chocolate ganache, Johnny's seasoned candied cashews, dark chocolate drizzle

#51 Black & Bleu

Black cherries, black pepper, bleu cheese ganache

#52 Sweet Potato Pie

Sister Pie pie crust, sweet potato  ganache

#53 London Fog

Earl grey tea & lavender ganache

#57 Whoa Nellie

Hickory smoked peanut gianduja, milk chocolate, and bourbon vanilla bean