What's your favorite? What's your least favorite? Half the fun is picking 'em out. We rotate what's in store every day, to keep it super fresh, but they're all here.

Bon Bon Bon's Bon Bon Bons


Ever wanted to act like a kid in a candy store? Like science but also art? Kinda sounds like you should check out our classes...



The Bons are shippable! Online orders are packed and shipped out every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! So you can bet your bippy they're as fresh as can be when they arrive!

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Meet The "Babes Babes Babes"

They're "World Famous in Hamtramck" but that doesn't mean you know 'em!

"The twisted geniuses at Bon Bon Bon have the lethal combination of both crazy unique packaging and flavors only a really stoned Willy Wonka could dream up"

Vanity Fair

Don't be put off by the industrial packaging when it arrives: Every delicately constructed, two-bite-size rectangle blew us away.

Tasting Table

Bon Bon Bon’s industrial aesthetic isn’t hipster affectation. It’s born-and-bred Motor City practicality

Midwest Living